AL5 Bank

Redesigning the AL5 Bank mobile app to better serve the agro-industry community, making it more intuitive, user-friendly, and tailored to agricultural financial needs.

Revitalizing AL5 Bank’s App Onboarding for User Satisfaction and Engagement

Faced with a critical challenge at AL5 Bank, where customer dissatisfaction was evident through complaints and a low App Store rating, my role as a Product Designer was to spearhead an overhaul of the app’s onboarding experience. The project initiated with an in-depth analysis of customer feedback sourced from support interactions and App Store comments. This research illuminated key frustrations and obstacles users faced, guiding the redesign strategy.
The solution involved a comprehensive reimagining of the onboarding process. By eliminating superfluous steps and simplifying the language used, the onboarding journey was made more intuitive and accessible for the bank's diverse user base. These adjustments were carefully designed to align with AL5 Bank’s brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and familiarity for users.
This redesign yielded significant improvements: onboarding time was drastically reduced from 5 days to less than 1 day, and within six months, the App Store rating surged by 23%. Beyond these measurable successes, the project uncovered additional usability issues across the app, which had hindered users from completing essential tasks. Addressing these challenges not only enhanced the user experience but also spotlighted the indispensable value of design in solving complex business problems.
Reflecting on this project, several key learnings emerged. Foremost was the importance of listening to user feedback at every project phase, which informed both the problem identification and the solution design process. Moreover, the project underscored the need for simplicity and clarity in user experience design, principles that now guide my approach in every project.
This initiative marked a pivotal moment in my career and within AL5 Bank. It not only resolved immediate user experience issues but also facilitated a cultural shift, demonstrating the transformative power of design. The success of this project led to my promotion to Lead UX Designer, tasked with addressing broader app challenges, thereby solidifying the role of design in the bank's digital strategy.
Customer support decrease
by fixing the blockers and improving the usability of the onboarding process.
Success rate increase
when opening a new account.
More active users
increase by making the app more reliable.
Days to open account
the time to complete went from 3 days to immediate.